At Tame Agile we truly meet our customer where they are in their agile journey and introduce custom approaches to ensure our customers are not overwhelmed with too much change too quickly. It is critical to understand where our customers are in their agile journey and then determine the incremental experiment(s) required to advance toward full adoption. The journey is different for each organization, almost nothing is cookie cutter, the best we can hope for is to leverage our experience in our collective toolbox to move our customers along their journey.

Is your organization ready for agility?

  1. Does leadership truly understand what it means to adopt agility, and can they endorse the move to adoption for the long haul?
  2. Is there a stomach for standing up a parallel organization or completely restructuring an existing organization?
  3. Can the organization (and its people) tolerate high levels of experimentation, uncertainly and failure?
  4. Does the organization truly gain a competitive advantage in their market by delivering to customers more quickly, effectively and efficiency?
  5. Can the organization tolerate massive reskilling and in many cases a reduction or increase in workforce?
  6. Does the leadership understand the importance of people and culture and embrace this understanding with their actions?
  7. Is the organization willing to accept that managers must be servant leaders and producers and not just directors of work and/or shufflers of paper?
  8. Does the organization have tolerance for restructuring most centralized departments and making them distributed?
  9. Does HR leadership understand that the reward systems will need to be redesigned?
  10. Does leadership understand it must adopt the same discipline that it expects from everyone else?

Yes, answers to the above questions may be an indicator that the organization is ready to begin the agile journey. Note begin the journey that is not necessary an indicator for whether they are ready to progress on the journey. Progression on an agile journey requires significant discipline and resolve, without it will fail. The organization must be true to itself and break down silos or at least find ways to operate effectively across silos.

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